Friday, January 28, 2011

Win a pair of Petrol Jeans on Facebook!

Win A Pair of Petrol Jeans on Facebook
Hey! Do you like Petrol Jeans? This brand launched in California in 2004, but I really hadn't heard a lot about them until today! I heard about their contest to win a free pair of Petrol Jeans on "Good Morning America" and then again on the "Bargain Mom" blogspot at
To win your free pair, you must visit the official Petrol Jeans page on Facebook at
Invite all
friends to click the "Like" button to nominate you on the "Petrol Jeans" page on Facebook and then leave YOUR name in the comments section below the contest box.
Anyone with 20 or more mentions by January 31st
wins a pair of Petrols (minimum of 20 mentions to qualify; one mention per person.).
* If you win a pair, send me a pic of you wearing your new free Petrols at! Your pic will be shared on the Sonika Imaging website at !

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