Thursday, March 3, 2011


Charlotte Russe
Charlotte Russe Brulee Grey Booties
I admit it...I am a total shopaholic and bargain hunter! Definitely a frugal fashionista! And now that the word is out that I like nice things at reasonable prices, I receive info all of the time from different sources about great bargains on hot gear, footwear, accessories, etc., so I decided I would start including some blogs about these great deals to hopefully turn you on to saving some cash, too! Here is my first "Hot Deal" entry! I'm really happy to tell you about this one coming from the Carma Shoe Boutique! Why? Well, because the cool people at Carma Shoe Boutique are Baltimoreans, I love Charlotte Russe, I'm definitely a shoe fanatic, I love these booties, and the $20 price is definitely right! Need I say more?
Interested in these, holla at Carma Shoe Boutique!
I wear a size 8 if you're treating! lol

Carma Shoe Boutique 
Baltimore, Maryland 21239
Want Personalized Attention? Call Us, Toll Free:
(877) 312-SHOE (7463)

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