Monday, March 11, 2013

CHECK THIS OUT: Complex Mag.'s "The 10 Most Stylish Rappers from Atlanta Right Now"!

One of my favorite magazines to read to stay up with everything male, from music and videos to fashions and trends, is Complex Magazine! Recently, I came across a great article, written by Jian DeLeon 
on March 8, 2013, called "The 10 Most Stylish Rappers from Atlanta Right Now" I wanted to share with you, which include the artists pictured below. Check it out! Go to
and see what other artists made the list! In your opinion, did the author get it right? 
Leave your comments and tell me what you think! 
Who would you place on YOUR list of the most stylish Atlanta rappers right now?

Big Boi

Gucci Mane

Young Jeezy

T. I.
Cee Lo Green
Trinidad James

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