Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hot New Rock Video: "Faded" by Carbonstone

CARBONSTONE, one of the hottest rock bands in Maryland, made up of band members, Corey James (vocals/guitar), Neely Johns (Guitar), Josh "Trashman" (Bass), and Saint Lawrence (Drums), has just released a brand new video called, Faded! In Faded, the band explores the world of loneliness, regrettable decisions, and the things we do to escape. Painting a vivid picture of drunken debauchery, the images in the video are subtly revealed as mere images of the mind and a cold hard return to lonely reality depicted in the video's closing. Video production for Faded was provided by 91 Productions. Audio production was provided by W.A.F. Productions. Check it out!
See Faded on YouTube by clicking this link: 
Like a Phoenix risen from the ashes, CARBONSTONE, after many experiments, inspirations, trials and musical visions, emerged. Their lyrical themes span between self-empowerment, self-destruction, and beyond. Aggressive instrumental sounds and melodic vocals, with tasteful aggressive breaks, compliment each other and are a critical part of the bands vision. CARBONSTONE's lyrical content is inspired by instances of loss, regret and conflict in the real world, and overcoming said adversities.
And so the band survives! CARBONSTONE is firmly established with an intense live show! Captivating audiences with their interactive stage presence and a sound that cannot be ignored, CARBONSTONE is turning the heads of all walks of life!
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PHONE: Neely Johns: 301-524-0222
*See CARBONSTONE on Friday, April 29th, headlining at the Rechter Theater in Towson, Maryland! Come through!
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