Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pharrell Talks Bionic Yarn Clothing

Pharrell Williams

      Just last week, I saw Pharrell on Good Morning America talking about a new product called Bionic Yarn, a yarn made out of recycled plastic bottles! Yes, you heard me right! Recycled plastic bottles! Products made from Bionic Yarn fabrics include everything from clothing and shoes to even furniture! How cool! I was fascinated and had to find out more!
     Most of us already know that Pharrell Williams is one of the music industry's hottest stars and a fashion icon! His contributions to the fashion industry include the Billionaire Boys Club, Ice Cream, and BAPES lines. What you might not have known, though, is that for years now, Pharrell has been trying to get the word out to consumers, like us, the government, and of course, the people who make our clothing, about Bionic Yarn.      
      His message is clear! Using Bionic Yarn to make products would be great for our environment! Just think about it! If we all purchased clothing, shoes, accessories, furniture, etc. made out of recycled materials rather than new resources, the carbon footprints we are all leaving behind would be greatly reduced, thus helping preserve our planet! So, why isn't it catching on?
         It appears that the decisions about whether to use Bionic Yarn or not include consideration of a few very serious factors by the people that could make it happen that include the cost to incorporate it into a manufacturer's already existing products, and if people would actually buy and wear new products made out of essentially trash! 
       As a consumer, I am really excited about the prospect of one day buying products made out of Bionic Yarn fabrics and thereby helping reduce the carbon footprints I leave behind everyday! So, hopefully, in our not so distant future, the powers that be embrace Bionic Yarn and other products like it, so that they eventually become our norm and provide us with more environmentally-safe products!

Check out these Bionic Yarn products!
Google Bionic Yarn to see more!

Click the link below, courtesy of, to check out Pharrell's recent interview on MSNBC in which he talks about Bionic Yarn

What do you think? Would you buy and wear clothes made out of recycled plastic bottles or other recycled materials? Why or why not? Leave a comment!

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