Friday, January 18, 2013

New New: Wranglers' New Moisturizing Jeans

Ladies! On January 28, 2013, Wrangler is scheduled to launch their first line of skinny jeans that supposedly moisturize your legs while wearing them! They're called "Denim Spa Jeans" and come in 3 finishes: Smooth Legs (which is supposed to help with cellulite), Aloe Vera, and Olive Extract. The jeans are infused with skin care ingredients like passion fruit oil, shea butter, and rosehips oil, and will sell for around $136. The moisturizing effects are supposed to last about 15 days, but don't worry! Purchasers will be able to buy a reload spray that will extend those moisturizing properties for between 67–95 wears! So, what do you think? Hot or not? Holla at me and tell me if you will be rocking these jeans this year!

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